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Gerstenslager recently announced forming a joint venture with International Tooling Solutions. Go to for more information on the announcement.

The Gerstenslager Company has been in business nearly 150 years and is backed by a $3 billion company, Worthington Industries. Our customers count on us for our reliable and responsive service. Our ability to develop innovative solutions to meet our customers ever changing needs sets us apart and is what makes us the leader in our industry.

We can help you with your blanking, stamping, assembly, e-coat, packaging, warehouse and distribution needs at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities located in Wooster and Clyde, Ohio.

Read about our work for Chrysler: Gerstenslager Demostrates Flare For Chrysler by


Gerstenslager’s been in the stamping business since motorized vehicles went into production. We manage over 30,000 dies, so we’ve stamped millions of different parts with varying requirements. Learn more about our stamping capabilities.

Welded Assemblies

Our flexible assembly cells, both robotic and manual, are designed to be lean and efficient for both high volume production and short run, low volume quantities. Learn more about our welded assemblies.

Program Management

Looking for the right company to manage your programs? Gerstenslager has extensive experience managing the integration of entire vehicles in transition from production to past model sales and service. Learn more about our program management approach.